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19 July 2015 @ 08:35 pm
[sticky post] [Mod] Rules & Welcome  
Hi everyone and welcome to SixTONES @ LJ.
This community was made for sharing the love we have for the Johnny's Jr group SixTONES. There isn't much here yet, but we're planning to change that. Here you can share anything from media to fanworks, but before posting anything please read through our rules.

Respect the boys and fellow fans.
- We will not tolerate any bashing of any member of this community and neither of anyone from J&A. We're here to appreciate and talk about our favorites, let's not forget that. Of course arguments and disagreements happen but remember to keep a civil tone and stay relevant to the topic. The mods will be the judge of whether someone is crossing the line or not.

All media posts must be members locked.
- Audio, video, magazine scans, shop photos etc. Any post including media which is left unlocked will receive a notice to lock the post, if said post hasn't been locked within 24 hours the post will be deleted.

Do not make request posts.
- This rule is temporary! As of now we don't have a request section and you're not permitted to create one either. Any request posts will be deleted. (However we will make one in some time)

Graphics posts need to center around SixTONES.
- Stating the obvious, as this is a SixTONES community, however you might want to make a huge post with all your graphics so to get permission to post here you need to have at least 6 icons, 1 wallpaper or 2 of any other graphic related to SixTONES in your post.

When posting fanfiction the main characters needs to be from SixTONES.
- SixTONES as minor characters in your fic is not allowed to be posted here. If you have any doubt please message the mods and ask. (For now we allow fanfiction, however if the community gets too flooded with fics we might reconsider)

Put large pictures under LJ cuts.
- Only 1 image before a cut, and the maximum size allowed is 650px wide (both before and after cut).

When posting news you need to have a reliable source.
- Reliable sources could be official announcements or newspapers. (Tabloids are not a reliable source and can not be put under the news tag)

All posts must include a title and comments must stay on.
- If your post does not include a title you will recieve a notice to include one. All post with comments disabled will be deleted immediately.

Rules can be changed and added, any important changes will get proper updates.

Please contact xbettox for any questions regarding anything about the community.
あ: Hcekelat on September 12th, 2015 04:37 am (UTC)
Joined! better late than never